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He scooped the ring from the floor after it bounced off the fireplace and held it between his hands. I’m not going to.” Laughing with him like that, like old times, minutes after he confessed to pulling a Chipper? That was the beginning of a long journey–a year it took us to finally go our separate ways. I think back sometimes to that moment, that choice I made to withhold my fist and not beat the shit out of him. A punch in the face was nothing compared to the punch in the gut that he had dealt me with his confession. @jrrigsby11605 @Real CJ10 @lilgeorgiapeach @Braves Best wedding attire...

Twitter user @thatgrayboy decided to call out Jones by claiming that Chipper snubbed him out of an autograph when he was 8 years old. Chipper Jones is the latest athlete to take the Twitter apology route after he jumped on the widely-debunked conspiracy bandwagon this weekend.

says Higgins was once a Playboy coed of the week, and that she “specialized in naked shower videos and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots.” A 2010 bio on Higgins said she was studying nursing at the University of Kentucky and quoted Higgins as saying, “I’m surprisingly good at shooting a gun!

I love to go deer hunting and just practice my shot during the off-season.

I just couldn’t get it through my head WHY he had moved in with his friend downtown when he was telling me every day how much he wanted to be back together.“I’m not good enough for you. I patted his knee and assured him that that was not the case. Ominously, he peeped at me out of the wet corner of his eye and said, “You don’t know everything.” This wife, being a bit of a codependent class clown type, made a joke. The dissolution of our marriage happened just a few months after the public meltdown of Chipper Jones’ first marriage–when he confessed to fathering a child with a Hooters waitress. She’s a therapist, author, and speaker who focuses on women’s resiliency and spiritual development.

I don’t follow baseball, but Chipper had been married to a girl I knew from college. She is co-auther of the book The Fatherless Daughter Project.

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This story contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Here’s the story of the April night in the year 2000 when I found out why Fartbuster had moved out of our house. I was parking my car in the middle of the garage and already cooking for one.

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