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Do you ever get overwhelmed with the fame you've found on Youtube? I think I have this thing where I don’t think about it and then one day something will happen and I’m like "Oh my God this is really weird".

Pantyhose Dates is an dating site perfect for those who are looking for a partner that would like to share a fetish for pantyhose and nylon.Did you find vlogging about anxiety helped you to cope?For me talking about it and getting people’s comments back made me feel reassured.It was quite a scary concept because writing is easier but I plucked up the courage one day to make a video with my friend.It was quite scary, but I already had my blogging audience who were like "Yh we really want to see a video". I have a thing at the moment about my giggle because I laugh at everything and I play back my videos and my laugh is awful.

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