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I would talk to him about it and have an honest discussion about how it makes you feel.

If he doesn't respect that, then I would question things more.

And with that said he slipped and did it again sometimes i think im with him cuz of the kid and thats no way to live.

I hate the way this has made me as a g/f im not into the sex anymore, he turns me off when he talks to me sexualy, and i have major trust issues, and then sometimes i just dont give a fuck what he's doing b/c maybe i did loose my love for him. Im a guys, i would love to sling my seed all over town, like any guy but i could never cheat one time i was at a gas station out of town and this chick was right there at a payphone and i could tell she was havin a hard time.

But to the point of the whole story is something that was instiled into me (raised in a house of 7 people and me and my dad were the only men) anything u wouldnt do in front of your significant other is cheating end of story.

Yes, if ya got to lie about it, there's probably something not right.

So i said why dont u smoke this joint that i just rolled with me and when we r done u can call one more time befor i have to leave.

quick question, do you think having phone sex behind your partner back is cheating?

Okay im asking this b/c my partner racked up quite a bill on sevral diffrent credit cards all behind my back i only found out b/c i found where he kept all the bills..a dick!

I also know other people who will get drunk or snort/smoke meth, they'll get horny, and call up phone sex lines.

Gr33n3y3z did you try telling him how you feel as though you can't trust him and how you're mad that he called lots of phone sex lines, or called someone up long distance, and racked up a large bill?

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