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Directory of some leading websites that contain information about concertinas. Keyboard diagrams for the most important concertina fingering systems: English, Anglo, and Maccann Duet, plus Early Wheatstone Double Duet, Early Wheatstone "Duett" Duet, Crane (or Triumph) Duet, Jeffries System Duet, Late Wheatstone Chidley Duet, and Hayden (or Wicki) Duet.

Each site has a brief description and screen shot, and custom search boxes allow you to search each site individually or to search all of the sites at one time. Six arrangements all in the key of C and progressing from easy to more difficult, with detailed comments on fingering and technique and a diagram of left hand bass pattersns. This may have been a “semi-bespoke” tutor included with the instrument when it was originally sold.

This is an index of the major sections in the Concertina Library, with some of the documents most often sought.

It does not contain a link to every document on the site (for that, see the archive of items added each year, or the site map).

Tunes of progressive difficulty, with increasing number of notes and then in keys with increasing numbers of accidentals, all written in notation based on the treble clef.

Notes on chord patterns and on strategies for melody and accompaniment applicable to all systems of duet concertina.

The advantages frequently mentioned as belonging to the Hayden system (uniformity of fingering in all key signatures, automatic transposition) turned out to be significantly compromised by the restricted size of the Stagi.

Click on a section listed here to see an index of all the documents in that section.

The Concertina Library (this site) is an online reference library for all concertinas, including the English concertina, Anglo concertina, and several kinds of Duet concertina systems, with particular strength in the Maccann Duet concertina.

Can be configured to perform other searches, on any one or more of the e Bay national sites.

Includes listings from e Bay United States, e Bay United Kingdom, e Bay Ireland, e Bay Australia, e Bay Germany, e Bay Austria, e Bay Switzerland, e Bay Spain, e Bay France, e Bay Netherlands, e Bay Italy, e Bay Belgium, e Bay Canada, e Bay Taiwan, e Bay China, and e Bay India.

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Based on classes offered at the Battersea Institute under the auspices of the Inner London Education Authority.

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