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The person conducting your appointment is called a sonographer.They will ask you to lie down on a bed and they will cover your tummy with a clear jelly.

Sometimes the baby is in an awkward position for them to get the information that they require and you may be asked to encourage the baby to have a wriggle around.

this can be done no later than 13wks 3days so need to fine out asap if they doing it on same day. good luck I work in a scanning department and they can be done anytime between 11 and 13 6.

We start at 12 weeks 2, they are done as practice alongside dating scan in many hospitals now, esp in London.

If you have a higher risk then you will be offered a diagnostic test - either CVS or amniocentesis.

You will usually receive confirmation of your appointment by letter unless it has been arranged at very short notice.

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