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The dead giveaway is that they assume all introverts are shy and that being shy is the only significant distinction of introverts. When an introvert and extrovert are dating, balance is not just ideal – it’s a requirement.So most advice will show you how to break your poor little introverted girlfriend/boyfriend out of their shell. Introverts Need Space You need to balance the time you spend with your introverted partner and the time you allow them to spend alone. Life as an introvert is different than life as an extrovert. Some introverts work to build a social life, while others prefer to ride solo most of the time.So, Extrovert, it is not okay that your girlfriend asks you not to play softball or have friends outside the bounds of your relationship.In a healthy partnership, you support each other’s hobbies and try to nourish each other’s interests even if you don’t share questioned whether this is a trust issue and got a strong “no,” and I respect that you’re taking her denial at face value.It’s draining for me, but at this point, it’s not worth the fight. Just today, I texted her saying I was going to play softball after work tonight.

Most dating advice on the internet is bad, that’s no secret.I am not getting the same social pleasure in return though.We have discussed whether this is a trust issue, and she responded with a hard “NO.” And I do believe her.The advice about introverts is just plain terrible though.It’s glaringly obvious that the people giving this advice aren’t introverts themselves and don’t have the slightest clue about introversion.

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But every time I invite her, she never truly be able to pinpoint that magic, sparkly fluff that holds a relationship together.

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