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The production was followed by a Q&A with Bechdel, Lisa Kron (the librettist), and Jeanine Tesori (the composer). I’m a dirty feminist hippy who went to a women’s college and thinks that single-sex education is a marvelous invention.

Because it was a concert rather than a stage production, Bechdel, Kron, and Tesori also helped create supplementary segments to intersperse between the play scenes to help provide context that was lost due to staging, set, and other limitations. I enjoy reading gay comics, and I have never met a cross-dressing story I haven’t liked. Sexual identity is not some kind of intramural sports league where, sometime during O-Week, Johnny Weir skates up to impressionable 18-year-olds and drafts your unsuspecting children to play for the Switch Hitters.

Of course, I also take umbrage with the way the “that”-blank is filled here. The irony of all this concern for “protecting our children” from the evils of books like is actually about Alison Bechdel’s relationship with her dad and the ever-growing distance between father and daughter.

It’s this horrible little paradox where I go out of my way to read books with LGBTQ characters because I want that imaginary genre to go away, but the very act of my doing so reinforces the distinction. The Cof C Board of Trustees and the South Carolina legislature (which are, honestly, one in the same) can take their circle jerk elsewhere. (They also vote to cut ,142 from USC Upstate for their similarly "gay" curriculum.) The proposed cuts still await Senate approval, screenings for incumbent and new Board of Trustee positions at Cof C. The College of Charleston faculty and students are great. For those of you who might have missed the recent intersection of my aforementioned interests, there has been a bit of a dustup at The College of Charleston concerning The SC House votes to cut ,000 from Cof C’s budget, the amount of money spent on the 2013 College Reads program.Because yeah, each member of the Board of Trustees for every state academic institution in South Carolina is individually appointed by the SC legislature, so they’re all spouses/friends/family of legislators, like one giant, incestuous, ineffectual circle jerk.It was the first performance since the show officially closed in January, but the cast came together to perform twice in one night.

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