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Read Full Review Way too full of commercial ads which you can't filter out. I wanted to advertise in the paper but am now having second thoughts as it used to be a good paper quick and easy searching what you were looking for.Looking for a car and get about 40 pages with only 5 genuine ads amongst them, everything else is outside search criteria or a partner add or completely unrelated. Read Full Review adtrader is complete rap..used to be fine. Now that as a nation we are forced more and more to go to the internet for anything ( supposed to be easier ) its now more complicated than ever. Read Full Review Adtrader is rubbish ..of story ............AND if you waste almost £2 and buy the paper the numbers published are also…Read Full Review Written on: 28/08/2012 I put a ad in the ad trader to sell 4 puppies they said i was classed as trade so I had to pay £23.50 for one week it was extra for 1 picture it took 2 weeks to get it on ad trader then when the day arrived it wasnt on the net so I rang them they told me it would be on the next day but never did go on the net they rang me today to ask if I sold them all .It will not do simple things you ask eg : search area and because it so rammed with ads its sloww I have been trying to sell a set of Drums on there for about 6 months as i have now stopped playing them want to class me as a TRADER saying that i have advertised lots of drums under Musical Tnstruments..they bothered to look they would see that is an ad for the SAME DRUMS ....

This is good for every one, therefore well recommend this classified ad website, sometimes the cost of the telephone to Ad Trader is a little expensive to me however…

I told them I didnt even get a phone call and asked why it di not go live on the net she said they somtimes put it live on the net but this time they didnt and it would cost me more to do that .

I told them i will never put a ad with ad trader ever again.

The only downside to this site is the number of pop ups it can get annoying but as the site is free I think it is a small price to pay…

Being a carer I seem to spend a lot of time making sure my missus gets the best quality of life by getting out n about as much as possible at groups etc... Being a carer I seem to spend a lot of time making sure my missus gets the best quality of life by getting out n about as much as possible at groups etc - when I have free... Looking for lateral thinking/out of the box people to explore and investigate the paranormal using knowledge and experimentation to achieve personal results rather than watching/listening to others. I don't like all feet but get really turned on by nice sexy feet with painted toes. Shaftesbury Hotels London maintains a meticulously planned aggressive expansio...

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Click on Browse and select a boat type, such as Saltwater Fishing or Sailboats.

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